Bleach London Split Fix Serum

Bleach London Split Fix Serum Review

Bleach London Split Fix serum £6 50ml

I wash my hair everyday. To be honest, I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, but when I’m in the shower I get my hair wet anyway so I just lather up some shampoo and be done with it. Unfortunately I’m also rubbish at getting up in the mornings so styling my hair after washing involves a quick blast with the hairdryer on an ultra-hot setting, which results in something akin to the appearance of a cartoon character after being electrocuted. In the ongoing pursuit of making it look like I’ve made an effort with my appearance for work (with minimal effort), I decided to invest in Bleach London’s Split Fix serum which promises to smooth flyaways and control frizz.

I pump some of the product onto my hands, apply to my hair avoiding the roots, and then dry. It smells sort of fruity which is pleasant enough and the consistency is quite runny; I’d say if you had particularly fine or short hair a full pump’s worth might be too much but I’ve got quite a lot of hair so it works for me and I haven’t noticed it making my hair greasy.

I didn’t really have high hopes for this serum. My hair is near enough constantly frizzy and I think I’ve used every single frizz control shampoo sold in Boots to no avail. I wouldn’t have been too concerned if this wasn’t effective since at £6 I hardly had to take out a bank loan to afford it, but it really does work. When I use the serum (which I have done near enough daily for about three weeks now), my hair is noticeably sleeker without being weighed down. I’m genuinely impressed and will continue to repurchase this serum when my bottle runs out. I’d definitely recommend it to people who have problems taming frizz.

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