living in London on a budget

Living in London on a budget

Living in London on a budget: My journey into saving but still having fun in the city

March – April this year will be a pretty hard time financially for me, so I have to face the idea of living in London on a budget! The way the company I work for sorts out pay means that after a couple of short months, this month there will be about five weeks between pay days. On top of that not only do I have my usual outgoings (rent being the main one), I also have lots of plans over Easter and the coming weeks with friends which will involve money spent on going out in general. I also want to save a bit of money and not worry too much about finances when it comes to month end.

So I’m looking at ways to save money without compromising my enjoyment of London. I’ve never been particularly extravagant with my spending, but I’m looking at ways of cutting out some unnecessary costs and getting the best deals when I do part with my precious coins. I’m no expert but I thought it’d be interesting to share my experiences along the way.

I’m going to start taking home cooked lunches into work instead of buying something when I’m out, a coffee and baguette in London can easily come to £5 and that soon adds up, I find at the end of the month I’ve spent at least £100 on lunches out. I still want to eat well though, so I’ll start sharing recipes that are still nutritious but still relatively inexpensive to make.

I also wanted to share high street beauty dupes, fun things to do in London on a budget that are either cheap or free, and other good deals. If I do review any high-end beauty products on my blog this month rest assured that I’ve either had them for a few months or I’ve purchased them using my Birchbox points.

I’ve subscribed to TopCashback so if I make any online purchases I can claim some money back, and I still have my Birchbox subscription so I can see if I really like a product before buying it. Birchbox run a scheme whereby if a friend subscribes to the box using a referral link, both parties get the equivalent of £5 to spend in their shop.

Do you have any money saving tips you can share? Like I said, I’m not an expert so any advice would be really well received! Do you have any experiences on living in London on a budget?

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