Stella McCartney Stella Parfum


Stella McCartney – Stella Eau de Parfum

Lots of bloggers have mentioned the perfume Stella and I’ve heard nothing but positive things about it. This is actually from The Print Collection 2012 and I bought it a while ago, so the bottle isn’t available any more (unless you hunt for it on eBay), but the perfume is the same.

The scent is mainly rose/floral, so I’d recommend it to any rose fiends out there! There are undertones of amber and musk, but it really is an uncomplicated scent that’s easy to wear for the office. I think rose perfumes have a tendency to smell rather dated, but fortunately Stella is quite different, possibly due to the citrus notes of the mandarin. It’s crisp yet sweet and a rather iconic scent that I recognise immediately if I catch other people wearing it.

Stella lasts well, if I wear it to the office it lasts around seven hours, and the projection is moderate, I think people in my immediate vicinity can smell it on me, but it’s not one that will clear the office floor, or that people can smell before they see you!

Top notes include rose, peony and mandarin essence, the middle note is rose absolute and the base note is amber.

Have you tried Stella McCartney’s Stella before? What do you think of rose-based perfumes?

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