A/W Playlist

A/W Playlist

I’ve done a music playlist on my blog before and to be honest they’re one of my favourite posts to read on other people’s blogs as I always end up discovering new bands.

As we move towards winter and the colder weather starts kicking in, I find myself listening to more instrumental and folk music, with the odd dubstep song thrown in…talk about an eclectic mix! I love having a variety of songs on my playlist for work, I would go crazy if I had to listen to the same songs on repeat for several hours a day. Do you feel like that too?

I love finding out about new bands, and this month I’ve been listening to Fyfe non stop, they’re really easy to listen to, so I usually put them on when I have work to do. Also been listening to a few rediscovered favourites, such as Cat Power and NYPC. I’ve been listening to London Grammar on repeat for a good few months now too, if you like their sound but would prefer it if they were a bit more up-tempo, I can recommend the Arty Remix of their song Hey Now, I usually have it on full blast when I’m getting ready to go out at the weekend.

What music do you usually listen to during the colder months? What do you think of my A/W Playlist?

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  • Bombay Bycicle Club- always good! I don’t have a seasonal playlist apart from a Christmas one for when I cook Christmas dinner and decorate the tree.

  • well, at first I thought – hmmm… but then I got to know all the songs and found out I like at least half of them. right now I’m listening to Still alive and it’s pretty good. Bad love is also nice. so thank you for sharing. my own taste depends on so many things – weather, mood, season… when I drive my car I usually listen to club music, we have a special radio station for it and I have a pretty nice subwoofer in my car 😛

    Maiken – Part of me

  • Alina Isaev

    I like the mix of songs you listen to and I always put mine on repeat too especially if I find a new one I like 🙂 strangely enough I started listening to classical music a bit more, I used to be an R&B girl through and through so don’t know what happened lol! Nice to e-meet you, my friend Andy recommended your blog and I love it

    Alina – interiors and lifestyle blog