The Breakfast Club London Bridge

The Breakfast Club London Bridge

Last Sunday I went with a couple of friends to The Breakfast Club (named after the 1985 film) at London Bridge. There are several around London but I’d never been, despite hearing a lot about the cafes (there are several dotted around London)! One of my friends said she enjoyed it though, and it seemed the perfect activity for a hazy Sunday morning.

I didn’t take any photos of the exterior, but The Breakfast Club London Bridge is located on Southwark Street, just a short walk from London Bridge tube station. It’s easy enough to find, but the first thing you’ll probably see is the queue before you see the actual restaurant itself! We arranged to meet at 10:30am but my friends are always fashionably late so we didn’t join the end of the queue until 11:30. I’ve never been before, but I assume that this is peak time, because it took just over an hour of queuing outside until we were finally seated. Communication was good and an employee regularly updated us on how long we could expect to wait, but it’s just something to bear in mind if it’s raining or chilly outside. Couples tend to be seated faster than larger groups as there are more smaller tables inside to accommodate them. Larger groups could face a more lengthy wait…

The atmosphere inside was relaxed, 80s and 90s music was playing in the background which kept things upbeat and cheerful, I think I even heard Wannabe by the Spice Girls (gosh, that takes me back!). I didn’t take any photos of the decor because the place was so busy, but it reminded me of a quirky american diner, just with pineapple lamps and wooden tables.

The Breakfast Club London Bridge

As per the name, The Breakfast Club specialises in breakfast food, but it’s also open for lunch and dinner. There are the usual suspects on the menu; bacon and sausage sandwiches, pancakes, the full English etc, and you’ll also find some amusingly titled dishes such as the “When Halloumi Met Salad” wrap and “Eggs Menadick”. I chose Eggs Royale which is my absolute favourite and my friends chose the veggie full English and the regular full English. I also ordered a latte which came in a huge mug and mismatched saucer which added to the charm of the place. It was a good latte, but I am no coffee connoisseur!

The Breakfast Club London BridgeThe Eggs Royale dish was so good, if a little pricey at £9.50. The salmon was flavoursome and not too salty, and the eggs were cooked to perfection, soft boiled so when I cut into it the muffins and salmon were drenched in yolky goodness! My friends reported back that the full English breakfasts were good (both the veggie and regular), but one complained that the potatoes weren’t as fresh as they could be and the baked beans weren’t as nice.

Overall it was a good experience. Would I go again? Probably as a treat, the food was nice but it was more expensive compared to where I usually go, and the queue was a little long.

Have you been to The Breakfast Club? What did you think?


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  • Anastasia

    I long to pay an overdue visit to this place! Need to visit London asap 🙂