Art of East London #1

Shoreditch Graffiti

I admit, I’m not the most artistic of people. I mean, I like photography, graphic design and typography, but I wouldn’t rush to see an art exhibition at the Tate or National Portrait Gallery.

Like I said, there are a few arty bits I do enjoy, and one of them is street art and graffiti. These were taken in Shoreditch, Commercial Street and Brick Lane in London. I love how east London is full of expression, from clothing to food to art. There is near enough something to surprise you on every street corner, and there are constantly new shops appearing (even if just temporarily in Shoreditch’s Box Park). It’s one of my favourite things about spending time in this part of London, although I admit I actually live a little bit further out where our version of street art is yesterday’s chips strewn across the road.

I’ve shared a few more on my instagram so go and check it out. I really enjoy sharing these kinds of things, when I was thinking about whether to blog again and what to blog about, this was one of the topics I was most enthusiastic about. Funny for someone who is not overly enamoured with the arts scene, eh?


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