Spiralising – is it worth it?

I began experimenting with spiralising a few years back now. I started with good intentions, I went to a healthy food store and invested in a sturdy spiraliser, I bought recipe books and read up on the benefits of spiralising. It was near to when I first started out on my healthy living journey, and increasing my veggie intake was one of my main priorities.

Benefits of spiralising

As I said before, I wanted to increase my veggie intake, so spiralising courgettes and carrots etc and using them as replacements for pasta meant that I was eating more vegetables whilst still eating similar types of meals to what I was used to. I mean – who really says “oh, I’m eating too many vegetables”?

Once prepared, courgetti (spiralised courgettes), is pretty versatile, and can be cooked very similarly to pasta. It’s also pretty fun to do, depending on which vegetable you are spiralising.

The drawbacks of spiralising

I know that eating more vegetables can only be a good thing, but why sacrifice carbohydrates? Foods such as brown rice are still healthy, and form part of a healthy diet. Instead of replacing pasta with courgette, why not keep the courgette but replace the pasta with brown rice? We need a variety of nutrients, after all. I also find I’m hungry again an hour after eating some spiralised courgettes; rice keeps me fuller for longer.

It can also get expensive. I’m used to buying frozen veg and then in season fruit and vegetables to keep the cost down. Buying fresh vegetables to spiralise is much more costly than brown rice and frozen vegetables.

It can also get quite tiresome. Spiralising harder vegetables (for your sanity, don’t try sweet potato), can be time consuming and require a bit of elbow grease. Hence why I have returned to just quickly chopping vegetables – I don’t need them to be presented in little spiral shapes to eat them, after all.

All in all, a nice concept but my spiraliser has been confined to the back of my cupboard. I generally find now I am ok with eating a tonne of veggies, regardless of what shape they are in, and I much prefer a mixture of vegetables, protein, fats and carbohydrates to a plate of courgette.

Do you have a spiraliser? How often do you use it?

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