different mac lipstick finishes

The different MAC lipstick finishes

For anyone new to MAC lipsticks, perusing their counters can be quite daunting, I swear they have hundreds of colours and a number of finishes. Some people have certain formulas they swear by and they literally will not buy any others.

MAC Lipstick Finishes: The Lowdown

When I first got into MAC lipsticks about seven years ago, I went a bit crazy and bought a whole bunch in a number of different finishes. Now I generally know what I like (Cremesheen), and what I am not so keen on (Frost). So I thought I’d write a little guide briefly describing the different MAC lipstick finishes. I’ll try to be as objective as possible when rating the formulas!

MAC Amplified Lipstick Finish

This is similar to a matte lipstick in that it packs a lot of colour. It’s a full coverage option and many of the offerings are statement colours. Definitely for the bold. The advantage is that they do not dry your lips out like the matte lipsticks do (although they seem to be ever so slightly not as long-lasting).

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick Finish

My favourite finish. MAC seems to offer a lot of colours in the Cremesheen finish. It’s a medium coverage formula and a lot of the colours seem to be more muted compared to the Amplified range. The Cremesheen formula sits comfortably on the lips, and lasts for around 3-4 hours. MAC Cremesheen lipsticks have a creamy finish – neither a matte nor a gloss. I recommend Modesty for fair-skinned lovelies who are looking for a nude colour.

MAC Frost Lipstick Finish

MAC’s Frost lipstick finish tends to be my least favourite, simply because they add small particles of glitter to the lipsticks. They generally wear for a similar amount of time to Cremesheen lipsticks, and have a slight glossy finish.

MAC Glaze Lipstick Finish

These are sheer and have a slightly glossy finish that is comfortable on the lips. MAC Hue is a peachy nude and is a well known favourite amongst the blogosphere, and it has a Glaze finish. As you would come to expect from a lipstick with a glossy finish, it does not last very long on the lips.

MAC Lustre Lipstick Finish

Similar to the Glaze lipstick finish, although ever so slightly fuller coverage.

MAC Matte Lipstick Finish

Favourites MAC Matte lipsticks include Ruby Woo and Please Me. I find this formula tends to vary between old-school chalky mattes and ever so slightly more comfortable to wear mattes. They’re the longest lasting and offer full coverage – just make sure you prep your lips first!

MAC Satin Lipstick Finish

MAC’s Satin lipstick finish is another one of my favourites. It offers intense colour but at a slightly more wearable level than the Matte offerings. It has a little bit more ‘slip’ than a Matte.

Do you have a favourite MAC lipstick finish?


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